Eréndira Aceves Bueno participates in the commencement ceremony

Friday, June 10, 2016

Our very own Eréndira Aceves Bueno participates in the Bren School commencement ceremony.

Ere's research described by Steve Gaines before she got her doctoral hood:

"Ere decides to attach a "little" problem for her thesis Can we come up with a way of solving the challenges of the world small scale fisheries. There are just a few thousands of them, they have some serious challenges and as a result of this tens of millions of people across the world are affected in terms of losses in terms of food security as well as livelihoods.

There are challenges because these are small fisheries, they are not worth that much, so the normal approach that we use to fix cost to much, requires [XXXX?] of institutions, so we need innovations and one of the few ideas that have been tried a few times is to actually give local communities exclusive access rights to a part of the ocean, and as I said it have been tried a number of times, with some mix success, some have been wild successes, others have been serious failures, and rather than accept the fact that  there is variability in outcomes, Ere decided that in her thesis she will figure out why that is the case and she did, using a combination of theoretical and empirical analysis, she was able to show what it was about the situation that lead to failure versus success in this innovative approach of thinking about small scale solutions, and most importantly, she develops the kind of tools that can be used so the world can go now forward in designing better solutions to have a higher change of continue success, this would have a huge impact on both the environment and a variety of social challenges around the world.

Congratulations Ere"