Former lab member Laura Dee today published in Ecology Letters a major piece of work from her dissertation, entitled To what extent can ecosystem services motivate protecting biodiversity?  Read the full abstract below, find the paper 

Marine fisheries, an important food source, are likely impacted by temperature variability. Gaines lab recent alumna Laura Dee, collaborating with other lab members Lindsey Peavey, Steve Miller, Darcy Bradley, and Becca Gentry, along with Dr. Sarah

Bren School MESM students Sarah Antonelli, Amanda Silver-Westrick, and Lily Tsukayama interview 5th year Bren PhD Candidate Darcy Bradley for their final project in ESM 441:

Froehlich, H.E., Gentry, R.R., and Halpern, B.S. (2016) Synthesis and comparative analysis of physiological tolerance and life-history growth traits of marine aquaculture species. 

Paper Title: An Evaluation of Harvest Control Methods for Fishery Management

ABSTRACT:  Fisheries managers seek to maintain sustainable fisheries production, but successful management often requires the pursuit of multiple biological,