José Zenteno

PhD Student, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management

José Zenteno is a marine biologist with a background in fisheries science, management, and policy. He holds a BS in Marine Biology from Universidad de Valparaiso, Chile and a Master’s degree specializing in Coastal Marine Resource Management from the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara.During his PhD, José is investigating the interactions among aquaculture, coastal ecosystems, and communities, and how to develop aquaculture systems that are both productive and sustainable. He plans to study the social and ecological performance of aquaculture in developing countries, and develop a framework for evaluating the effects of coastal aquaculture on local ecosystems and communities in Latin America. He hopes that his research will contribute a tool for to better evaluate coastal aquaculture farms in data- and resource-poor environments; facilitate the inclusion of science into industry and policy decisions; and improve management of coastal aquaculture systems in developing countries.



Zenteno J.I., C.A. Bustos & M.F. Landaeta. 2014. Larval growth, condition and fluctuating asymmetry in the otoliths of a mesopelagic fish in an area influenced by a large Patagonian glacier. Marine Biology Research Volume 10, Issue 5



Mailing Address: 

UCSB Marine Science Institute Bldg 520 Rm 4002 Fl 4L Santa Barbara, CA 93106-6150 United States